dental bridgework

How Much Insurance Coverage Can You Expect for Dental Bridgework? | Ontario CA

A missing tooth can adversely affect your dental function, oral health, and aesthetic of your smile. Fortunately, most dental insurance plans tend to fully or partially cover the cost of treatment through dental bridgework. If your treatment is only partially covered by your insurance plan, perhaps only for basic procedures, then you will need to …

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dental bridges

Types of Dental Bridges in Ontario CA

Dental bridges literally form a bridge to close any gaps between your teeth that are left by one or more missing teeth. The teeth on each side of the gap are used to support the false tooth (pontic) that fills the space. This is the conventional way for placing dental bridges, though there can be …

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dental bridgework treatment

Preparing for Your Dental Bridgework Treatment | Ontario CA

Dental bridgework treatment can affect your smile, dental functionality, and oral health for many years to come. Considering that it is a permanent tooth restoration option, you should ensure that the treatment is done by a skilled and experienced dentist, with a reputation of providing aesthetically pleasing tooth replacements in a safe and comfortable environment.  …

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dental fillings cost

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Fillings in Ontario CA

If your dentist has recommended dental fillings to repair a cracked or broken tooth, then the next step is to find out the cost of treatment. While there are many factors that affect the cost of dental fillings, this treatment is among the most common and least expensive procedures in dentistry. It won’t cost you …

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cosmetic smile makeover

Good Candidates for a Cosmetic Smile Makeover in Ontario CA

Your smile forms a central part of your image, which means that it affects both your professional and social relationships. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are many cosmetic smile makeover procedures, technologies, and tooth-colored materials that can be used to improve your smile. Even a subtle change to your smile can make a huge …

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teeth whitening in ontario

What to Expect with Teeth Whitening in Ontario CA

Teeth whitening in Ontario is a straightforward, non-invasive dental solution for changing the color of natural tooth enamel, and to enhance the appearance of your smile.  Getting whiter teeth is considered the most popular esthetic concern for most dental patients. Common reasons for teeth whitening include: Normal wear of tooth enamel Excess fluoridation (fluorosis) during …

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teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Near Me, Ontario CA 91762

An estimated 80 percent of adults want a better smile, which most people relate with having whiter and brighter teeth. As a result, teeth whitening has become very popular in recent years. Bleaching or teeth whitening involves lightening the shade of your natural teeth and removing stains and discoloration. Whitening can greatly improve the appearance …

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dental crowns cost

Dental Crowns Cost in Ontario CA

When it comes to repairing tooth damage, your dentist will likely present two options: a filling and a crown. The best restorative treatment depends on the type of damage, severity, and location in your mouth. In general, fillings are used to repair tooth damage that affects less than 50% of the tooth. Crowns, on the other …

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dental crowns in ontario

What to Expect with Dental Crowns in Ontario CA

When it comes to repairing a cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth, dental crowns in Ontario CA are the most common treatment option, except in few cases where dental fillings may be used for minimal tooth damage in the front teeth.  One key difference between dental crowns and fillings is that the latter draw their strength …

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What to Expect with Invisalign in Ontario CA

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, then Invisalign treatment may be the right option for you. The Invisalign system uses an innovative approach to straighten your teeth without attaching brackets to your teeth. Instead, the orthodontist uses a series of clear removable trays that are custom-made …

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