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Dentalvibe® In Ontario


Ontario Chino Dental Center is pleased to feature DentalVibe® at our office. DentalVibe is a revolutionary injection comfort system designed to enhance your experience with our dentist! This state-of-the-art technology uses VibraPulse technology to reduce or eliminate entirely the discomfort of dental injections. Call us today at (909) 984-2476 to learn more about DentalVibe and to make your appointment with Dr. Krupakar Reddy Yeturu.

Our dentist and team understand that many patients avoid seeking dental treatment due to anxiety or fear of pain. Thanks to DentalVibe®, we can remove this obstacle, and change your perspective on dental care. DentalVibe relies on vibration technology, so you don’t need to worry about taking pills, inhaling gasses, or feeling drowsy following your treatment.

DentalVibe is an incredibly simple treatment, providing quick and efficient pain-blocking with absolutely no side effects. When you receive a dental injection, our dentist will use DentalVibe to gently and effectively block the pain of your injection. Dr. Krupakar Reddy Yeturu will place the tip of the DentalVibe tool at the site of your injection, and activate it. After a few seconds of gentle vibrations, he will administer your injection with little or no pain.

We invite you to contact our office for more information on DentalVibe® and to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentist.


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