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An important part of a healthy lifestyle is detecting any unknown problems. If you feel tired when you wake up every morning, you might want to ask your dentist about sleep apnea .

Here are some facts about sleep apnea for you to consider:

– You are at a greater risk for sleep apnea if you have a very small jaw, large tonsils, or if your tongue is abnormally large.
– Although there are many causes of sleep apnea, you could be at a greater risk if it is in your family history.
– Sleep apnea can affect young people, but typically it is found in individuals over 40.
– People who have a deviated septum or any form of nasal blockage or obstruction are at an increased risk for sleep apnea.
– Men are more likely to be have with sleep apnea than women are.
– Your allergies and sinus issues could heighten your risk for sleep apnea.

Your dentist can help you with treating your sleep apnea. To schedule an examination at Ontario Chino Dental Center with Dr. Krupakar Reddy Yeturu and our team at our office in Ontario, California, simply give us a call at 909-984-2476. We’ll help you with treating your sleep apnea, and can address any dental concerns you may have.