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You probably know that a bright smile can be attractive and that there are a few things you should do to keep your pearly whites strong. However, did you know that your oral health can actually affect the health of your entire body?

For instance, did you know that bad oral health can actually lead to diabetes? If you have an infection in your mouth, your body will inflame. This inflammation can cause your body to react, and this reaction may ultimately impair your ability to use insulin. Even if your body does produce enough insulin, inflammation can result in high blood pressure.

Another issue associated with poor oral health is heart disease. Again, inflammation is actually the cause of this issue. You see, blood vessels will constrict in your heart and will cause hypertension because your body is trying to address the inflammation. This can also increase your odds of having a heart attack.

Many other diseases have also been linked to poor oral health. In fact, individuals who have lost a tooth before turning 35 could be more likely to have Alzheimer’s. Other studies have shown a connection between poor oral health and osteoporosis. Autoimmune disorders have also been linked to the health of your mouth.

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