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The more you know about your smile and oral health, the better. So, our dentist, Dr. Krupakar Reddy Yeturu, would like to teach you a little more about dental health by sharing some interesting facts. Hopefully, these facts can help you have healthier teeth and gums.

-A healthy lifestyle makes for a healthy smile. This means you should have a healthy and balanced diet, practice good oral hygiene, wear a mouthguard while you’re active, and visit your dentist every six months.

-Having good oral hygiene takes time. Perfectly brushing, flossing, and rinsing doesn’t just happen overnight. Just keep practicing each day. You’ll get it.

-For a top-notch oral hygiene routine, you need to use the right tools. This means you should use instruments (toothbrushes, floss, and mouthwash) that have been approved by the American Dental Association. This is because these instruments are safe and effective for your smile.

-Introduce oral hygiene at an early age. This means once your child’s first little tooth erupts from the gums, it’s time to start brushing it.

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