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Many people don’t realize they are part of a common habit of tooth grinding because the condition often takes place during sleep. In fact, it often requires a spouse or partner to notice tooth grinding until you can see symptoms of tooth wear in your smile. To help you better understand what causes tooth grinding, we offer a review of the condition that is also called bruxism.

Stress can put patients at an increased risk of bruxism because the tension can cause the teeth to clench and grind reflexively. Patients who have sleep apnea can also start to grind their teeth, though a diagnosis of sleep apnea requires a visit to your primary physician. Children that have developed allergies can also develop misaligned teeth and irritations in their mouths that result in a habit of grinding their teeth.

Over time, tooth grinding can cause jaw pain, broken and loose teeth and headaches. By addressing tooth grinding early on, you can prevent extensive tooth damage from causing harm to your smile. Dr. Krupakar Reddy Yeturu and our team are happy to help you better understand your options for bruxism treatment. You may find that your condition can be improved with the use of a night guard, medication, relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes and sleep disorder diagnosis.

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